Client crashing upon opening a new level with servertravel in standalone?

I’ve been able to use server travel in the past with little to no issues, but suddenly it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I get the following error and nothing else that seems to be relevant.

[2017.08.10-19.17.34:055][ 0]LogOutputDevice:Error: Ensure condition failed: ResourceSizeMode == InRHS.ResourceSizeMode [File:Runtime/Core/Public/ProfilingDebugging\ResourceSize.h] [Line: 193]
[2017.08.10-19.17.34:055][ 0]LogOutputDevice:Error: The two resource sizes use different counting modes. The result of adding them together may be incorrect.

I’ve made sure I removed all widgets from the hud on the previous level when the level is destroyed, and the only thing I’ve found online that seems related deals with media textures I’m using, but these media textures have worked fine on standalone builds in the past. Where should I begin looking for an error that may be causing this crash. It may be worth noting that the client can actually start up the game again and reconnect to the host and the game runs fine. This only happens when connecting w/ servertravel. I’m using a Steam subsystem. Here is the full crash log