Client can't open doors, Server can

If the server tries to open the door, matinee animation is played on both client and the server.

If the client tries to open the door, nothing happens on client nor server.

Any help? I have tried many combinations on which command to replicate in which way.

You may want to not only run that on the server, but also multicast it to everyone.

It doesn’t open even on the server so i guess multicasting it back right now would make no difference, first i need to figure out why is it not opening on the server when client tries to open it

Make sure that the object in question is being replicated.

I was trying to fire it from level blueprint. Now I remade it into character bp and gamemode bp, same thing… :confused:

Server RPCs like the one you have here will silently fail unless they are fired from a class that owns a network connection.
I dont know much about those but whenever it doesnt fire, if I move the event to a Playercontroller blueprint and have it fire it instead then it magically works.

Same thing for multicasts that silently fail. If I put them in my custom gamestate instead, then they magically work where they didnt in other classes.

You dont necessarily have to make all client to Server RPCs from Playercontroller and you dont necessarily have to make all multicasts from Game state but it sure fixed my problems. To do the RIGHT thing we shoyod find out more about the concept of owning connections in the gameplay framework.

I may be wrong but I am guessing you are trying to fire this server RPC from the level blueprint. Maybe that is why it is not firing.

Well I shoupd clarify. It doednt matter which blueprint you fire it from, but it does matter which class has the Server RPC event in it. So you could fire it from the level blueprint as long as the target is a playercontroller. not sure if the Character works. Does that help?

If I trigger the animation by triggerbox overlapping with player, it works even on client. But if I set the animation to a interaction key, it doesnt work on the client… Im so confused