clicking build results in bad/dark textures

Hi i am making my own map ,but suddenly when i clicked build after i had just build a cabin ,i get a couple of errors like overlaping uv,s and instancedfoilageactor_0 the total lightmap size for this instancedstaticmeshcomponent is large, consider reducing the components lightmap resolution or mesh instanes in this component …
I cant find instancedfoilageactor_0 so im pritty lost ,is it possible its all the foilage i made with the foilage tool ?
So my map is prity dark now ,all my trees are black and the gras is very shadowy idk whats going on :frowning:

edit: i did click on the swarm agent and put it at standalone cause i red that somewhere it saves time on building lighting dont know if thats an issue

I just re-opend my map and its compiling more than 2,000 shaders wth is going on in marvin gays words

edit: Ok so the weirdest thing probably is that after the compiling my map is normal again this …topic …maybe …closed heh