Click to move to closest point (even out of range)

I made a TopDown game project using the template and the default controller, but the movement seems to do nothing when the point clicked is to far “above” or “below” the player (based on whatever plane they’re attached to).

You can recreate this by just opening up the template and click on the top of a small cube and the top of a tall cube. It will move the player to the small cube, but do nothing for the tall.


*Edit: Shortened post a lot (thanks for the advice) :slight_smile:
Also changed to correct product version.

Hi ! Just an advice, if you want better/faster answer, be brief. Your post is way too long, and at the end we are lost because there are too many information, also most people won’t take time to read it. Try to add some visual too like schematic representation of what you need, screenshot, etc etc.
Best regards.

Thanks, ya after reading what I typed I realized “no one cares…” and got rid of the mumbo jumbo X)