Click actors inside/behind other static meshes/blueprints

I am making a showcase type UE app, where the user can view a car in a showroom, and can focus the camera on various parts of it (like the wheels, mirrors etc) when the user clicks on them. The part I am having a problem with is that the clicks always return the skybox, or the static mesh of the showroom the car is inside of.

Is there a way to click through these objects so the camera knows where to focus on? I want it to return the part of the vehicle instead of anything else in the level.

It focusses properly on the different parts of the vehicle if I remove the skybox and the “showroom” the car is in, so I know it’s not a fault with the car.

Any help is appreciated! I have attached a picture of the camera part of the blueprint, and a picture of what I’m talking about.

The car inside the black showroom, which is surrounded by the skybox.


I think skybox/showroom collision settings is blocking your trace, hit result :slight_smile:
Under Project settings you can setup new collision type/object/channel.

Go to Project Settings → Collision → and make a brand new collision, name something like Ignored Collision… after you named engine will ask their deault behavior.
Select Ignore, that means this type of collision will ignore everything (trace, collision tests etc.)

Set your showcase box mesh and your skybox mesh collision to custom and object type as ignored type.

I think this will solve your problem :slight_smile:

If you dont want to create a new collision, you can modify showcaseroom/skybox mesh collision to other onr which you dont check withh undercursor node (like pawn, physics object, vehicle etc)

I could kiss you right now, it worked perfectly! Thanks for explaining it clearly!