ClearCoat shading model with Ray Tracing

Hello all,
I notice weird behavior with ray tracing reflections on clear coat materials.
To do more tests I tried to use the Epic automotive material colleciton in 4.22 but it’s not yet compatible with this engine version. I wonder if clear coat is fully operational with ray tracing or not?
Someone would have some info about it?

Epic did not yet update the automotive materials to work correctly with the RTX features.
As of today, Clear Coat is only partially supported with RTX:

Seems that dual normal (is that what “secondary normal” in the link above refers to?) is not working.
The main visual issue seems to be the clearcoat intensity and reflection quality. The car paint materials look extremely reflective yet the reflections look soft.
I managed to make it look better by changing the following:

  1. In the post process material, I’ve set the Samples per Pixel to 2 under Ray Tracing Reflections. This makes the reflections sharper.
  2. Modified the master materials with a fresnel node driving the specular channel and the clearcoat intensity channel with a fresnel node.
    There’s still the issue of performance which I won’t comment on.

Well, at this point it doesn’t seem to be possible anymore to install the Automotive Materials. After installing, it just doesn’t create a UE Project file anymore.

Look at that problem here:

Thanks for any help!