Clear coat shading model does not work with material layer

I’m looking into using the Clear Coat shading model with the new Material Layer feature, but the results I get are really strange. I’ve been testing with the Carbon Fiber material which comes with the Automotive Material pack where I have copied the material graph into a “Material Layer” but the results I get don’t look like how the material looked like originally:

This is how the Material Layer version renders:

At first I thought it might just be a preview rendering issue, but applying the Material Layer in the stack of a Instanced version of the Material Layer master gives strange results still:

I’ve also set up the master material to get the shading model from expression.
Am I doing something wrong here? Am I missing something? Or is this a limitation?

Hi Myreze! do you have any updates about this?


i tried yesterday the same setup
on 4.26.2 i have the same issue even without using the clear coat function.
the normal are computing strangely. it seem to be the uv_fonction node and the M_Strenght_normal

i tried to deconnect all channel and keep color , rougness and normal. but nothing seem to work.

and on top of that after making all my setup , the layer material dosen’t update al all.
and if i add a normal map on the base layer , the normal map disapear if i add an simple layer with a rgb mask
the color work but not the normal. :frowning:

thank for your help :slight_smile:

Hi, what about Tangent space normals ? Is it enabled in your case (by default it is enabled) ?
I noticed that in Automotive Materials most master materials have Tangent space normals disabled.