Clear Coat in shader code

I’ve seen some commits on GitHub which added Clear Coat inputs to material.

Did bit of a research on google, and it Clear Coat turned out to be something along lines of car paint. My question what is what is the purpose of adding it to shader ?

And will this be available with 4.4 ?

I’d imagine it’s intended for example that - to help mimic car paint clear coat.

I’m not sure if your asking what the purpose of adding a clear coat feature is(As if there’s no point in having one or that clear coat is already achievable as is),
OR asking what the purpose of adding it into the shader code is(implying that it should be added elsewhere in the game code or done using different technique).

Actually both.
I’m not sure if Clear Coat is different enough from other materials that can be done right now, to add more code to shaders.

It’ll add nothing to your materials if you’re not plugging anything into it.