Clear Coat Car Paint Material For the Forward Renderer (VR)

Hello Community,

I am making a VR car Configurator and was hoping to modify the ue4 “Automotive Material Pack”. However, i am find that turning on the forward renderer is killing the clear coat shaders.
Deferred Renderer
Forward Renderer.
I am guessing this is to do with the G buffer being turned off. So before i go on a long R&D about how to make photo realistic car paint shaders for the forward renderer has anyone had this problem before? is there a tick box i tick or a technique i can use that solves this problem? As i have seen other VR configs that seem to use the clear coat materials with 90fps?

For example, this guy


or this guy,


Any insight at all will help massively

Thank you

Any ideas anyone??

Any input will do aha!?

You are correct in that this is not working due to you enabling the forward render and thus disabling the GBuffer. However, you do not have to use the forward render for VR and can use the standard deferred render if you need to. However, this still does not mean that everything will work in VR. Some features will not work in VR due to the way they are rendered or how much rendering power the feature requires.

I have tried this and it just crunches my FPS down to like 45-30 fps. And i have a titan X Maxwell. The car was just in a white room and the moment i looked at it boom **** performance :(. Any words of advice for optimising for VR in the deferred renderer

The first thing to do is run a GUP profile on your project and see what is causing the bigest hit in FPS and going from there. Here is a link to where you can read more about GPU profiling in UE4.

Without looking at your project or know anything about your source content there could be a million reasons why you are not hitting 90 fps so I can not say right now. If you post your GPU profile I might be able to point you in the right direction but with out that there is not much I can offer.

I shall do thank you very much sam! i shall get back to you much appreciated!!