Clear Backbuffer or RenderTarget

First, I’m sorry I couldn’t move my original posting in the C++ Game Programming thread to this one. Although the topic might apply to both.

Anyway. . .in UE4 (4.8.2) how do I clear the backbuffer? I’d like to make sure that it is cleared.

Also, how do I set the clearcolor? Get a graphicsdevice or rendercontext?

I’ve perused through the Rendering & Graphics documentation (, albeit in a cursory manner, but nothing jumps out at me there. I also combed through GEngine, UWorld, UGameViewport(Client), FScene interfaces, and found that FCanvas has a Clear( FLinearColor ) function. Unfortunately I can’t get a:

GEngine->Viewport->Canvas->Clear( . . . )

call in my GameMode BeginPlay function.

Can someone please provide a link that describes the steps I need to take to clear the backbuffer/rendertarget with a specific color.

Thank you.

Is this an uncommon request?