Classic Shooter ver1.5

Classic Shooter is a starter pack for FPS games, inspired by the classics like Doom, Heretic, Quake, Blood, Duke Nukem and others alike!
(Includes blueprints, models, textures, materials, animations, sounds and particles)

Blender and Substance Painter files for all the models and animations used in the pack are also available.
All character and the main character arms got simple IK setup. Main character arms and the head are available at lower resolution. The head is bone rigged.

Current version: v1.5

ver 1.5 demo:

Overview (v1.1):
Source files (Blender and Substance Painter):
Full tutorial series (v1.1):…BZjibaE5DCP4pp

It a simple folder with child blueprints for everything that is necessary while building a level. For example, it has shotgun shells pickup blueprint but does not have the shotgun shells that get spawned when shooting. Some blueprints got variations like a door with an ark and a door made into a lift.


  • Fists (left and right punches work independently with left and right mouse button)
  • Pistol
  • Shotgun (reload cycle can be interrupted)
  • Double Shotgun (automatically reloads when ammo is found)
  • Minigun
  • Plasmagun
  • Bazooka


  • Medkits
  • Potions and vials
  • Blue, Red, Yellow and Green armor
  • Helmet
  • Invulnerability!
  • MegaHealth
  • Iron, Silver and Golden keys
  • Berserk with regeneration!

Enemies (with AI):
All enemies got 3 options for default behavior: Idle, Patrol (2 target points), Roam
When they hear a noise thew walk towards the place where the noise was heard from.
If you shoot an enemy, it will move the place where you shot it from (unless it sees you, so if you fast enough to move away and hide, it will not notice you)
Most enemies got moving target accuracy that can be adjusted.

  • Fire Demon:
    Throws fireballs, melee attack when close
  • Shotgun Shooter:
    Shoots a shotgun; When dead - shotgun in his arms becomes a pickup (it disappears when taken and physical model works accordingly). When shredded into gibs - spawns a shotgun pickup.
  • Flames Thrower Demon:
    Shoots 2 flame throwers at a close distance and 5 fireballs consequentially at a long distance
  • Homing Missile Demon:
    Shoots 2 homing missiles, fist attack at a close distance
  • Melee Monster:
    Fast runner with a melee attack
  • Zombie:
    Death animation whenever hit, wakes up after a delay.
  • Green Fire Demon Boss:
    Shoot 2 green fireballs or 1 (random chance); melee attack at a close range (gibs are scaled and spawn a matching horned skull)
  • Rocket Demon Boss:
    Shoots rockets; (gibs are scaled and spawn a matching horned skull)

Gibs are a separate blueprint and can be easily integrated. It checks the owner to adjust the scale and spawn matching model for the skull.

Level assets:

  • Enemies spawning pentagrams:
    Spawns any actor or an enemy from a drop down menu list; Can be activated by a trigger box or volume.
    4 styles for the pentagram graphics (moved from event begin play to construction script in v1.5)
  • Doors:
    Door blueprint can be transformed into various dynamic objects like lifts. You can define it’s rotation, direction, lock it to a key, set activation to a trigger box or volume or to the switch. Can be set to close over a delay (proper timeline logic with no glitching when open close rapidly), the speed can be adjusted.
  • Switches:
    Activates doors, object movers, teleports, electrifiers. Can close over a delay.
    2 style are available in the open parameters and run in the construction script: sci-fi and mechanical lever (so when you place it in the world you can change between styles)
    Can be set to finish level and the next level can be specified in the open parameters. Level clear UI will appear to count the monsters, secrets, items and then will load the specified level.
  • Electrifier:
    Source and target can be assigned with target points placed in the world; (can be activated/deactivated with a switch)
    (The is an arched version of the particle system that can be switched on in the opened parameters, however the damage is straight line trace from A to B.
  • Lights:
    A number of various lights with models and particles with opened parameters for intensity and color.
  • Objects moving blueprint:
    Any actor can be moved by this blueprint. By default it allows up to 4 actors to be assigned, however the number can be extended to no limit by simple adjustments of the blueprint. Moves the object in a specified direction, with a specified rotation and and can move the objects to a target point, then to another target point and loop the movment between the two target points. The placement of the blueprint itself becomes the pivot point for the rotation and the target points.
  • Secret area!
    When triggered you get a message and also it will be counted at the end of the level.
  • Monsters, items and secrets count on level finish
  • Exploding barrels:
    Explode after enough damage is accumulated. A fractured mesh with 4 different styles of texturing


  • Main Menu
  • Pause Menu
  • Game Options
  • Games, Graphics and Sound Options:
    All options are saved and loaded automatically
  • Game Over menu

[HR][/HR]ver 1.5 > 1.51 fixes:

  • explosive barrels impulse was not effecting it’s own mesh
  • door ark had wrong collisions that would not let a rocket to fly through
  • shotgun shooter did not spawn the pickup correctly when blown to gibs

Amazing!! Thank you cyberdei**!! I am a supporter :wink: **

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! If you like the pack, please consider leaving a positive rating on unreal marketplace! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Awesome :wink: Thx cant wait to start! Thx for all the hard work you have done, im a big fan! Will also go and rate :wink:

Awesome Thx Cyberdei! Just a quick question, when updating my current project folder “Game with all my assets & Classic Shooter Asset” version from 1.5 >1.51, do I create a new project folder “v1.51” or do I replace my v1.5 "project folder"with new v1.51 "project folder? Thx in advance :wink:

It is always best to make a back up, but these few fixes should not break anything, so you can simply update.

Ok noted! thx :wink:

I like it a lot but not what I’m looking for, I’d prefer a retro aesthetic over 3D but still amazing work. Well done.

Do you mean like when weapons and characters are drawn like in doom and Duke Nukem?
If so, I think the pack can still be of much use, you can simply change the 3d models with sprite base animations (in case there is nothing closer to what you need on the market). The rest is quite the same. Oh and change the collisions for the characters, at the moment the capsule collision ignores shots so that you shoot the mesh itself, so just changing the capsule collision to block visibility channel and I think that is it.

Thanks, for the advice.

Looks good. A little expensive. Has anyone purchased it?

39 copies sold to this date.
Only positive feedback so far. I would definitely buy my own pack :slight_smile: Actually, I would have been very happy if someone had made it with all the videos, so that I wouldn’t had to spend almost half a year figuring it all out and making it. So I think it’s good deal) I am making a stylized game out of it now and I am quite satisfied with all the chosen approaches.

i thought that this would sold hundreds of copies, because it is so great

Well, honestly, I thought so too!)

Hello, i have a Question About youre Project. How did you Export the arms an weapon into ue4 from blender? I mean how can i Export it into ue4 as seperate animations one for amrs one for weapon. I have set up an rig but i juse the bones from the arms also for the weapon an i couldent Export it that way into ue 4 seperartly. My Export Comes anytime as one animation in bue 4 arms an weapon together.How is the best way two set this up in blender. Did you animate anything together arms an weapon with an armature for arms an weapon? It would be very helpfull if you could answer me .

Thanks in the forfront.

Sorry for a late reply!!! Anyway, if you still need the answer here it is :slight_smile:
First of all check out the YouTube tutorial series, they cover everything!
You don’t need two different animations, if the skeleton is the same you simply use the same animation on the arms and the weapon. That was the whole point of the setup!

1 same animation is applied to both arms and weapon. The mesh for the arms was separated so that it can be modified easily without having to modify the arms mesh on every weapon. So it is 1 same skeleton for the arms and all the weapons. You can check the tutorial series, there is an episode with changing the mesh and animation for the shotgun and also an episode of making and adding a new weapon!…BZjibaE5DCP4pp

Hey just before i buy is it possible too dual wield weapons? or would i have to add that myself?

You will have to add it. Though the source files got a ready setup for double pistols.
Here’s the game I’m making out of it Bloom on Steam

Would it be easy to add or could you make a tutorial? Or give a guide? Might pickup your game too!