Classic FPS movement pack

Just getting back into using unreal purchased this awhile ago. Is it updated for 4.15?

previous version still drops into 4.15, but i’ll also be rolling out an update soon- I was able to greatly improve the amount of air control possible in the multiplayer implementation by changing how I was feeding in values from the air accel algorithm.

Great to hear on the update! Looking forward to that.

Edit. Also is the jumping while crouching still a problem?

Good to know, could you post here please when the update for 4.15 will be ready? Thank you.

Hi Pheesh!
GS has been Updated to 4.15. Any chance for update for Classic FPS movement pack drop down? Thank you!

1.15 fps movement pack update posted on sellfy with improved multiplayer air control- For previous buyers, does it let you re-download the newest version from the page? Let me know.

Note I can also advise you the specific changes to the air accel algorithm if you just want to update an existing project as well.

Would be very interested if you would take a whack at replicating Tribes (1 and 2, not Ascend) skiing.

Thank you Pheesh!

Is it by the chance with drop-down pack for current Generic Shooter too?

Hey Pheesh, is there plans for a support with generic shooter?

Hey Phees! i sent u MP!


Hi Phees!
Thank you for your pack!
I’ve sent you an e-mail with some questions. Please let me know!

Hello, I recently bought your Bhop system v1.15 but I need some help I wanted to have it inside my character but atm he cant strafe :I but the fire mechanism is working and all, I copied all the fonctions and the variables and bluepritns (of course) into my 3rd person character and sadly not working but I can compile it .
So it means that there are no coding errors but he still cant strafe :I

so, if you need more info email me at:

Thank you!

Just bought the pack on sellify is there a way to contact you ? Thanks man


Just purchased this movement script for my tafe course, was wondering if your able to help me out with the script of yours.

Are you able to make the ramp sliding feel like

If so, i’ll be very greatfull!

Nevermind, apparently my paypal wasn’t playing nice with selfy. Got my mate to purchase it and it went through with no issues.

I’m interested in this but it seems like it mainly resembles cpma physics. Is it possible to have vq3 physics with this?

I purchased it last night and have been playing around with it. I would also like to know this and if so then what are the settings necessary to achieve vq3 movement?

My current conclusion is that it’s not possible to achieve vq3 movement with this

q3 movement has some fundamental differences vs classic quake/goldsrc/source physics. (much less air control, different strafe jump behavior) You would need a very good understanding of the movement source code governing q3 if you were going to use this pack as a starting point to replicate it in blueprint.

Out of the box you’re not going to get q3 movement, but a number of folks have used this as a starting point to approach that. I’ve helped a few of those folks with general questions about how things fit together but I don’t know offhand what settings they arrived at or what modifications they have made.

I bought your pack in help with making a multiplayer bhopping game, but I notice that your jump logic doesnt work with inputs from mousewheel? Figured it kinda strange seeing as thats the main method for bhopping. Any help?