Classic FPS movement pack

I bought your pack to help make a multiplayer bhoping game, but I notice that your jump logic doesnt work with inputs from the mouse wheel? Kinda strange figuring that is the main method of bhopping. Wondering if I could get some help?

Wow, this is almost exactly what I’ve been looking for! Good to see someone’s cleaning up Epic’s messes! The default Character Movement Component is just a terrible, godawful thing, and whoever made it so limited and fundamentally broken, should be ashamed of themselves. The single most important element of every game, and they couldn’t even get it right.

How does this all work in Third Person?

Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve been active in the UE4 forum but I continue to get a lot of folks downloading the movement pack and still sustain support over the years…so thank you, it’s cool to see more and more gamers who appreciate the joy of good movement in games!

That said it’s been a while since I’ve been inspired to add more movement elements to the pack, as back in the day surfing ran into some brick walls for implementing 100% in blueprint.

As I play different games I sometimes come across interesting movement elements- which brings me to my question: Would there be any interest in adding crouch sliding as part of the pack, as seen most recently in apex legends?

Of course it will be very fun, i remember i have bought this kit years ago and i was surprised that you keep it up to date.
I would thank you again for this good mechanics then hope you keep it up your good work.

100% yes. i have been trying to replicate it but it’s difficult. if you add that id gladly rebuy your pack :smiley: you could charge more for it too

There’s some interesting, or maybe buggy effects happening… using the MP_ version, when I jump and then hold crouch in air and keep forward pressed but release crouch and jump, I can “skate” around and if I turn, acceleration keeps being added… is this one of the intended effects?


I think I stuck and need some help :slight_smile:
I’m trying to implement “Dash” ability to my character. I need to disable “friction” before “dash” and then re-enable it back. I’m following multiple guides that tell me to do that exactly as shown on the picture below (using “set ground friction” with target “Character movement”), but that doesn’t work at all.

Is there any trick on how to implement this while using your blueprint?

I am trying to turn off pogo and add triple jump but changing jump max count has no effect. What is locking it?

We’ve released an open source C++ movement system here:…urce-movement/

Perhaps it will help you work around the limitations of doing it only in Blueprint, and you can add onto it with some of the other extra interesting features.

How can I integrate it to the GS? I wrote to you 2 years ago and you don’t need support because you lie to the people you should do a video tutorial explain how to integrate it to those who bought you the movement package.

Anyone played around enough with this to have a good set of defaults to use to get Quake Live style movement?

@joebajoe have you managed to find a solution to this?

Yes would be interested.

While you’re at it, why not wall running too :wink:

I bought it but received no response from the seller. :frowning:

i need help, why i can’t opent here.

please email or pm me if you run into any issues in the future. I do not get notices for this thread, so it’s the quickest way to get in touch.

Can’t find it in UE4 Marketplace? Is it **Classic FPS Pack **…assic-fps-pack ??

How the heckdawggie do you use this

Note I have moved the blueprint over to gumroad, also verified it still works with 4.26

I bought your pack on sellfy years ago - but the download link is gone - is there a way to access it?