city sample vehicles auto crashing issue(UE 5.2.1)

In city sample project in play mode when a character try to drive the vehicle…when I press ‘C’ to enter the vehicle for drive…the vehicle auto crashes…plz see the video.
plz help to reslove the issue
Uploading: sample.mp4…

I had the same issue and find an answer in this topic :

Thanks to @KryogenicGames the solution is pretty easy:
Modify the BP: Content\Gameplay\Drinving\BP_CarEntry_Interaction
In the block “Wait for notify events from the animation to possess the car (switch camera) and to allow inputs
It is expected to receive the Possess event before the Unlock event”
(Bottom right of the BP)
Just add a ‘Delay until next Tick’ between the TRUE Branch node and the Attach Component to Component Node.

Compile, and voila !