Circular Dependency / Reference Bug 4.10

Apparently this bug I reported over a year ago (UE-12861) is back in 4.10. I’m not sure if it was ever fixed

Currently I have it constantly in one object class , the symptoms are similar to what i first report:

  1. several data will reset without fail at every editor restart
  2. Asset cannot do replace reference ( ever ) ; even if you empty the entire blueprint

Has this already been reported in 4.10?
I’m asking because I already see other similar report right from 4.4 to 4.9 same old circular dependency. and I want to know if the team at Epic is aware and is attempting to fix this circular dependency thing in Blueprint? If not , I will probably zip my build and send over.


The bug in question (UE-12861) is open for investigation. We will provide any updates to this issue on the original post that you linked in your question.

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Sean Flint

I have this problem too. But, some of my issues has been solved when I fixed totally unrelated warnings.
Now I only get it when the editor crashes.

Hi Ben - what unrelated warnings did you fix? I have the same issue, and it is driving me nuts, so looking for any patterns I can look into. Thanks

I don’t remember what I did specifically. I found that you right click on a folder and ‘fix redirects’. I think I had plenty of those, cause it took a while for it to fix everything, and when I did it later it was much faster.

I also find that I need to recompile one of my UMG classes that refer to many other UMG classes whenever I change something in the others. Even though it’s not dirty.

At some point I just tried lots of things including opening the editor on ‘only data’ BPs and just added a comment to force it to behave normally.

I just tried anything I could think of so I’m not really sure what fixed what, but at least some weirdness disappeared.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hello, is there a way to check the status of this bug? UE-12861 (Above)

Currently, we do not have a way for the public to track bug reports. I will be providing updates on this issue on the post linked in the original question as they become available.

Have a great day