Circle Depth of Field(Impossible to setup!)


Is anyone able to setup something accrue with this dof method?
It looks like only focal distance slider is working
With value of 3 I get completely blurred image with some strange noisy effect
And this is it, focal distance controls only how blurred image will be, rest of the sliders does nothing

A lot of the depth of field sliders don’t apply to the Circle DOF method of blurring. For example, the “scale” slider only works with the Bokeh DOF setting.

One of the important settings for Circle DOF is the Aperture F-Stop. This works much like it would on a real physical camera.

You should try setting the focal distance a lot higher than 3. The means that the camera is focused to a point 3 units in front of the camera. Try 100, or 200, or more.

Played around with focal distance and Apreture F-Stop and it works perfect!
Thanks a lot for the help!

Could someone share scene with working CircleDOF setup?
I’ve tried everything and still can’t get it to work =/

CircleDOF looks great, but we need more control over the effect. At least some kind of multiplier slider (scale slider should be re-used) would be useful (have already requested this).

zeOrb - just use very low Fstop value, then move the camera quite away from the subject and “zoom” in via lowering the FOV value.

Imo the reason why is hard to get good results from CircleDOF is that it probably works too much like the real thing, which in itself wouldn’t be bad, but in all these different game types it’s just sometimes unfeasible to setup the camera like one would set it up on a movie set (which probably shouldn’t be that big of a problem in cutscenes via matinee/sequencer). Generally the whole “realistic” approach to rendering seems a bit problematic exactly in ways the CircleDOF is great but problematic to setup in situations which are moving away from “realism”. Would be great if these features are done primarily for the “realistic approach” but wherever possible they allow to go over the top with slider values and offer “special” sliders which tune the effect in non-realistic but logical direction (logical as in what makes sense for all the non-realistic and stylized approaches to game visuals).

I wish the DOF had widgets like Modo where you can see in the widget what is in and out of focus.

Bumping this with a fix, in case anyone else runs into this. The fix is to use the Cinematic Camera, which lets you use lower apertures than a regular camera. Regular camera caps the minimum at 1.2 I believe. Cinematic Camera let’s you go lower. Here’s 0.1. Having lower apertures lets you keep a reasonable FOV or lens focal length, but also have a very shallow depth of field. With a real world camera, and apertures this small, your shot would be blown out by all the excess light coming in (so you’d have to crank up the shutter speed to limit the amount of light coming in), but in UE4 we don’t have to worry about this exact physical accuracy.

If you want a good intuition of the relationships between light, aperture, and shutter speed, use this Photography Mapped - Interactive Camera Diagram

Not sure if this was the case before but I just switched from 4.21 to 4.24 and it broke my dof setup … so I had to re-implement using circle dof on a “standard” camera.
You can’t set the aperture lower than 1 in the editor but you can do it by setting postProcessSettings in a blueprint…

camera > get postProcessSettings > set members in postProcessSettings (toggle aperture and set value) > set postProcesSettings (target camera)

on 4.25 inside your player bprint Camera options, set
Camera->Aperture (F-stop) 1.2 or 1.25
Depth of Field->Focal Distance 60