Cinematics and Resolution

Hi there,

I need to setup a new project with very specific camera setup.

What I have done

Camera Actor keyframed to an animation.
Exported succesfully my cut scene.

What I’m not able to do

I would like to setup my camera actor 32:9
but then render two different 16:9 videos out of it each one with a different camera offset.
I’ve tried to edit aspect ratio 1.7777777 from properties but can’t do it.

I know it seems a bit weird,
Hope the attached image can clarify my issue,
every help, link, tutorial or post is welcome.

Best wishes to anyone here,
stay safe

is there anybody here with some suggestions?

Is it for a 3D setup, or a side-by-side view?

hi presto423,
it is for a videowall or multiple screen, so side-by-side view.
I’m experimenting with different video output format.
I’ve seen nDisplay could be a solution but since it’s very complex
I’d love to find a a simpler workaround.


What video card are you using? What resolution per screen in the video wall?

I’m using an RTX2080,
doesn’t matter the resolution, I can easily export 8K cinematics
so let’s say up to 4 FHD tiled videos as shown in the image

A few links to Blueprint nodes:

There’s also the High Quality Media Export tool, which is set to replace the Sequencer Render Movie system, according to the page on it. The section on Console Variables usage, and High Resolution options with tiling might be applicable.

Here are the Command Line Args and Console Variable options for rendering movies:

I think it would be better to check those settings and features for a custom solution rather than try to force the camera actor to specific size constraints, though I could be wrong.