[Cinematic] Star Wars

Today I decided to create something related with Star Wars.
Also tried to work on Apex Clothing which I implemented on characters cloth!


Music :

  • Star Wars - Sith Theme

really cool i truly like the character and the movement

Looks cool :smiley:

Did you do the animations by yourself?

Yes I did! Like for other my cinematics from Unreal Engine 4 on my YouTube channel.

That was really cool! Very nice display of Apex Cloth.

Great character! Musculature on the back with the skin pattern is really cool. Nice moves, too. Professional quality!

Thank you! Had some problems with Apex Cloth in the beginning but I figured it out ! :slight_smile:

Thank you too!

Amazing and really excites me :slight_smile: I used to play too much SWG and SWTOR :frowning:

That looked awesome, I liked the outfit. Nice job. =)

Hard to answer because I was working on my own game and meanwhile on these animations :slight_smile:
Since I’m excited and can’t wait for new Star Wars movie, I decided to create that animation (BIG FAN OF SW!)

Awesome! :smiley:
Video + music theme synchronized. :cool:

Amazing work! Hope it get spotlighted on the next Twitch-Stream :slight_smile:

That would be awesome!