Cinematic sequence not actually recording what is seen?

So I got a sequence that fly’s around on level start to a static mesh wall with text render on it and stops there so it can be read. like a narrative. so I migrated the sequence to a copy of the project that does not have the text wall (same level same place though), and the sequence does exactly the same thing but when it stops there is no text wall there. So it does not record what is originally seen? If I put a text wall In that project too , then it fly’s over there and the wall is there. I was trying to have it so the fly in would happen , the text could be read , then when control of the character starts the text wall would be gone. If I select the wall and choose “hidden in game” , then it is hidden during the cinematic sequence as well.

is the sequencer bugged or something? yesterday I had it working , and today I decided to have the shots in a different part of the level , so I made some new shots and it was working. so I dragged the master onto the level and select autoplay . and it don’t play when I start the level. and now it wont even play in cinematic mode right from the sequence , when a few minutes ago it was working fine. it doesn’t even look the same in the sequencer now. I mean 5 minutes ago it was working fine , and all I did was save it. now it don’t work. also its like when I click on anything or do anything the last shot I took has to constanly be saved.after dragging the sequence onto the level I can see the cine camera , but I click play in the editor and it don’t play. then when I stop the editor , right away the last shot I took needs to be saved again.

does no one know about this? I recreated the whole thing , still cant get it to work. I added the shots track in the master. added my shots in order. lock the shots track and click play, but i’m sitting still and I can see the cine camera moving past me and around the level. am I missing something? and if I drag it onto the level . it don’t play when I start in the editor.

Man the cinematics is really screwed. I finally got it working and set to auto play at the beginning of the level. Now I cant load a game. If I save somewhere , then load the game it goes right back to the cinematic and starts the character at the beginning of the level.

Hmmm, having troubles with Sequencer as well with it showing the shot sequence in the viewport. I can view them independently but if I am out at “master” level it just stays at the perspective viewport. Frustrating.

I forgot what i did to get it working, i started fresh i think , i noticed that the shot track camera in the master was not showing the correct location where i was(the camera that is)… I think then i deleted everything and created a new set of sequences , then when i put them in the master it showed the correct shot track camera , then it worked.

Seems s bit wonky. Problem i had then is once it was working i set it to autoplay at level beginning, which was good , but when i saved and reloaded it went again to the cinematic and started me at level beginning instead of character saved location. Also it would override my checkpoints as well.

Have found similar issues with it. No doubt something I’m not doing correctly. There seems to be several ways to reach the same outcome…matinee was so much easier!