Cinematic Render (1st pass) [Are there better ways to do this?]

There are a few issues, and even a missing texture (doh). My first attempt though…

Now, I had to screen-record this because there doesn’t seem to be ANY method for exporting a Matinee Movie properly (as in, taking the level blueprint and other matinee’s into account too). Is that really the only option I have for rendering cinematics :(?

In the Matinee editor window there is a button called “Movie”. If you hit that you’ll be welcomed by a window with various output settings. If this is the same as UDK this will then use your Director track as it’s boss and literally output your matinee to either single frames or an .avi file. :slight_smile:

Does it actually run the game as well though? I’ve got some stuff done in Blueprints and also other matinee’s that are triggered from this one. It seems like all it does right now is render (very slowly) just that matinee sequence.

What it used to do in UDK (not had chance to actually try it in UE4) was to run in real-time within the game itself. That meant that if you had events that were triggered one after the other they would still run as your cameras would be recording the events as they happened. If you’re outputting to .avi you’ll probably get some stuttering that could affect your video (unless you have an insane PC) so it’s usually better to output to screenshots then use an editing package to put them together. But from what I can gather from what I’ve just looked at the editor is exactly the same so I imagine it will do the same things.

Edit: Also this is fairly basic so I imagine you know this already, but you’d have to start your camera matinee on level begin etc. so that it’s not recording any actual gameplay.

Awesome water shader.
U made this?

Looks good!
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Awesome, that seems to work perfectly! Looks like I’m going to have to free up a few gigs of hard drive space though :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes it will run the game and shoot the video for you.

Where will it render to? how do you setup a specific output folder?

Also can’t seem to figure this out, I feel like I’m missing something obvious. I have my matinee setup, when I hit “Movie” and select my video settings, it launches the game in a new tab. It initially follows my camera path from the matinee as intended, and when that sequence is over it simply goes to my third person character, and I’m left to do nothing other than X out of the program. I can’t figure out where the video is rendered to, where I can open it/view it.

How you describe what you see is normal to how it works. It basically is playing the game and goes through all of your Matinee stuff then is just goes to the next thing in your game. Usually wherever the camera stops or switching to your gameplay. You can even record gameplay after the matinee stuff is done or you can just straight up record gameplay without putting anything in matinee. Again this is all based on how you have your game setup. The video file saves to your project folder /saved/VideoCaptures/

I am confused; was this thread started exactly a year ago in 2014 and folks are now starting to reply to it a lot more?