Cinematic Camera has its own separate Lighting Options - how does it work?

When you create a cinematic camera it has Lighting and Post Processing settings in the actual camera actor.
Do these settings augment a scene’s already existing lighting and post processing, or do they actually replace it, as in, they need to be inputted separately into the camera actor, otherwise the camera actor is not using them or displaying them in its rendered output?

Thanks for thoughts from anyone using the cinematic cameras!

They overwrite (replace) the settings of the Post Process Volume. You can tweak parameters like SSAO, Depth of Field, etc. on a specific camera. Really useful for cinematics. For example tweaking SSAO and color grading on a shot by shot basis.

On a side note: For Gameplay you can also nest Post Process Volumes with a priority. They will be blended if your Camera gets inside the volume.…ProcessEffects