Cinematic camera detaching from actor objects while rendering

I’ve made camera animation in Cinema 4D and made an empty camera in Sequencer; then I click on Import the FBX, it doesn’t import camera if “Create Camera” is clicked, it took me some time to figure out. Then after this “bug or feature” I unticked it and camera animation keyframes started to import, then I have realized the pivot of the camera has 90 degrees offset, but not from the camera, it started from the Word-Position (Scene 0 0 0 coordinates) so I figure out I can do the trick - I can place an Empty Object and put imported Camera under that empty-actor object and rotate it to 90 degrees, so I did, camera was looking correct.
Then I prepared to create a Movie file, as soon as I start Capture-Movie (image sequence) my camera getting detached from the EmptyActor and therefore losing it offset-degree rotation.

That glitch I was not able to fix it and I could not make it work. Someone help me to figure out how to get correct camera animation. Why Camera detaches itself from Empty-Actor with 90-degree rotations.

Currently, I had to use Railing System inside Cinematic, but it’s not that versatile.

hello there, I’m having the same issue here, have you figured a way to solve that? please let me know