Cinema 4D Workflow

Thank you very much, on3studio. I’m just starting out in UE4 (my first go in any engine actually, and my first post on here), and your post was very useful indeed.

As kraid mentions, it does appear that the order of the tags in C4D matters. The material tags have to be on the left or a) you get a load of errors on import and b) UE4 doesn’t recognise any of the elements (i.e. dsenter’s problem). I now make a habit of arranging them thus: material, selection, phong, UV.

Thanks again!

There are certain issues with the default fbx exporter i wasn’t able to overcome.
As soon as there is more then one UV channel, the smoothing won’t import correctly into UE4.
The 17.048 update Maxon released recently was meant to adress this issue (according to the changelog),
but in reality it just makes UE4 crash at 75% when it’s meant to bring up the import settings Window.

Yesterday i tested Cactus Dans fbx exporter, which gives me no issues at all, not even that smoothing groups notification.
Several UV channels, Material selections and correct smoothing.
It also offers an option to export for Lefthanded / Righthanded coordinate system.

The only disadvantage it might have for some users, is the export of animated models might only work
when the model was set up with his own character rigging tools, that are somewhat more expensive.
I haven’t tested that yet, though because they are a little more expensive.

I found yesterday that you don’t actually need two UVs at all. I assume this is outdated since the OP is well over a year old. If you just have one UV but tick ‘Generate lightmap UVs’ when importing to UE4 (I’m currently using 4.10.2), you still get the ‘no smoothing groups’ error but it doesn’t manifest itself (that I can tell yet) and you get smooth-looking surfaces anyway.

UE4 will set its lightmap UV to the first UV channel (0) and move the one you generated to the second (1).

I didn’t really want to fork out $30 for something to do what I should be able to do in the software I already have! Now it looks like I won’t have to, fingers crossed.

It is pretty poor that Maxon updated the FBX exporter to version 2016 along with a load of other FBX-related fixes but didn’t fix the one thing that hundreds of people are complaining about. It doesn’t cause a crash for me but I still get the same old error.

Automatically generated UV channels are not always an option because in some situations the result isn’t good enough and you also have no control over it.

As for the crash, it only occures when the 17.048 update is installed.
It also made some plugins malfunctioning e.g. Vertex Normal Tool, but the creator allready adressed this with a new version of the plugin.

Certainly, I’ve seen UE4 generate some pretty hideous* UVs.

I don’t get the crash with 17.048 installed, so perhaps there’s something a plugin is doing to the mesh that translates into something in the FBX file that UE can’t cope with?

  • ‘Pretty hideous’ - there’s a phrase that only makes sense in English!

Hi Guys and Kraid thanks hey!
Plz Watch this, Plus i Know I am helping at the same time with this video lol.
Exporting to UE4 from Cinema 4d with c4d fbx 6.1 2010 and it works like a Pro ,it export the textures and even the textures are compiling it right, every is be setup Color channel, Luminance channel, reflectance or Spec… channel and Normal channel for the material, works fine, also no need for creating Light-Maps because if you add it, It will not work, just let UE4 generate light-map for you in importing process, which is great and everything works fine. But now when I try to use 7.4 2014 or 7.5 2016 , it dont work right.
Also you can only use R16 and R17 fbx 6.1 2010 for method to work.

Cheers ,
AP Ashton, by CGI ART

Thank you so much for this! I’ve been trying for a while without success.

About the fong tag, to my experience you need to place it at the right of the texture and selection tags(which hsould be placed on the left) et left of the UVW tags. It seems to be the only place it is recognised after the fbx export in UE4 (i’m using UE4.10.2)

Thanks again!

Thanks for this great thread! It helped me a lot! :slight_smile:

Hi guys I follow this instructions pass by pass:

A) UV Layout for Lightmaps

To have less to no problems with lighting in Unreal you need two sets of UVs. First one for the textures and materials, second for the Light/shadowmaps.
The first UV tag (Index 0) can have overlapping UVs, no problem.
But the second (Index 1) needs to be absolutly clean, no overlap or anything. This is easily done.
Simple create the UV tag
(should you work with Cube/Sphere Mapping etc, you can easily generate the tag by right clicking on the material and saying “Generate UVW Tag”.)
name it UVW 0, CTRL+ LMB click’n’Drag to the right and thereby create a second one and name this Tag “UVW 1”.
Then go to Bodypaint (Layout panel -> BP UV Edit).
Now you select the object, select all faces, click on the second UVW Tag and in the “UV Mapping” Editor window in the bottom right go to the “Optimal Mapping” Tab.
Tick the box next to “Optimal (Cubic)” and hit apply.
Depending on how high res your object is it may calculate a while but then give you a nice and clean UV Layout
Aaaaand you’re done.

The only problem is when I export to Unreal is that I dont get the textures, If I do it without the UVs I can see the textures, when I apply Optimal Mapping and I export to FBX into Unreal the textures become whites, any subbestion?.. Thanks in advance…

To export from Cinema 4d to Unreal. Turn the phong tag Angle Limit off and place it at the right of the texture and selection tags. Even with one UVW it should import into Unreal with the smoothing groups working.

Well, I cant import to Unreal from Cinema , I´ve tried in all the ways I can…

I will post this images, you can see all the passes I follow pass by pass.

I hope someone Could Help me… Ty in Advance…

As allready said above, export from C4D R16/R17 with fbx v.6.1 2010
Enable the checkboxes for “textures and materials” & “embed textures” as well as “normals”.
Triangulation, smoothing etc. should be done before export and if you like you can add a normal tag with the “vertex normal tool” from Frostsoft.

Only add the normal tag after doing the phong angle setup, adding in manual phong breaks by selecting edges and use the “break phong shading” command and most important: after triangulation.
Otherwise triangulation will break the shading completly.

oh i see you posted a few pics.

From what i see your issues start way before export.
You’re trying to export a huge ammount of objects at once and some are still parametric objects and generators like boole.
Also you’ve done the UV setup for two of them while the rest doesn’t even have a single UV tag.
If you export only the models you’ve done the setup with UV for, you eventually won’t get these errors.

As for the scene itself, i see a lot of things that simply shouldn’t be done that way.

For instance:

  • don’t model your house from seperated cubes that intersect each other.
    this will guarantee bad lighting with lots of shadow seams and waste a lot of
    lightmap space, especially if you do not delete the unseen faces.

  • do not import everything at once/as one model, rather divide the models into seperate objects that make sense.
    like keep the walls ceiling and floor as one model, but have stuff like the cupboards, lights maybe even doors and windows as a own model.

  • try to have the door and window size standardized, so that you can create one door and place it in every doorgap.
    usually the door sizes within modern buildings doesn’t differe much because there are certain standardisations to follow as well.
    Ofc. there are exceptions like double doors, sometimes smaller doors for bathroom/toilet and if there are special windows that go across edges like in your model,
    but the doors to the main rooms are equaly sized.

I might give you an example on how i would do it if i find time for that later.

Thanks so much Kraid, I will try to do it all and restart the proyect, I will post my advances, really thanks…

Here’s a quick example including source files:

I only built a lightmap UV for the house itself and didn’t bother with grid alignment.
Didn’t even build a collision mesh and used per vertex collision instead, which is ok because of the simple geometrie.
For windows, doors and placeholder Props i used the lightmap and collision generation of UE4.
Usually i would do most of it with UCX_ as child objects of the mesh.

Ifv you’re interrested in how this is supposed to work, here’s another example i made a while ago:

The first Example is done for indoor purpose only, this means all the faces of the outside that cannot be seen from the inside are scaled down heavily to save lightmap space.

In the other example this applies only to the top and bottom face of the outside, so these are scaled down.
Usually there would be a second level or roof above and something below the mesh, too.
Either do it like i did in the example or delete the top and bottom face completly, since they will never be seen.

Hey you are the man, I will work on this, thanks so much for this .zips, really appreciated your nice help… :slight_smile:

How to set UV channel 2 in c4d bother me for a long time,this thread is very helpful for me,thank you mate!

Hi guys, New Update Free Plug-in For C4D Users for GamDev :slight_smile:
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I just want to share this with you guys!
CGI Art, AP Ashton

Just to make it clear:
this isn’t an alternative exporter, this is a workflow tool that allows you to export selected elements of your scene with the default exporters that come with C4D.
If your model has UE4 import issues with the regular exporters, it will have them with this Plugin, too.
[MENTION=23001]CGI Art[/MENTION]: not sure why you spam lots of threads with this plugin advertising again and make it look as if this is the answer to all our C4D to UE4 issues.

@kraid ,Sorry for spam!Kiad and your right on the plugin, sorry again.:slight_smile: i thing i just was to happy

never mind. the plugin can still be usefull.