Cinema 4D Material Selection Export Issues

Hello Everyone,
I am encountering a strange issue when exporting my .FBX out of Cinema 4D to Unreal. First off I have read a lot about this and have got the Selections…ie Material ID’s to export correctly out of C4D. However I have noticed when I set up two sets of UV’s, one for the texture the other for the lightmap that the material selections do not import correctly. But if I delete the lightmap uv off my C4D object then the selections import correctly. Anyone have any idea how I can fix this?

Hmmm, haven’t encountered this problem yet. One thing you need to pay close attention to, is that you name your selections and UV Tags differently or they won’t import into unreal correctly.

Thanks for the reply Soulpix, as of now I have my first UV tag named “Texture” and my second UV tag named “Lightmap” Perhaps I should trying to use “0 and 1 instead”?

I’ve done some more research on trying to figure out what is going on between C4D and Unreal. Here is what I have found out.

1.Name of UV Tags has no effect on importing the UVs
2.In C4D if you follow this workflow (Cinema 4D Workflow - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums) and have two sets of UVWs one for texture and one for Lightmaps. When you import the file into Unreal it will not import your material selections with it. Also if you check the mesh in Unreal it has 3 sets of UVs, The two you imported plus one it makes on its own I guess?
3.If you delete the UV Tag in C4D for the Lightmap and import to Unreal it will import your material selections and will create a second set of UVs for you for the Lightmap. I find this strange and perhaps something has been updated in Unreal that I am not aware of that automatically creates a Lightmap for you based off your texture map.

Can anyone shade some light on this for me?

A screenshot of your model setup in the Object Manager window would be very helpfull in this case.

Right now i can only guess what goes wrong.

  1. did you rearrange the Tags in a way that the Material Tags are on the left?
    My prefered order from left to right is Materials, Selection Tags, UVs, everything else.
    I’ve experienced issues if the material tags are not on the left of the stack once more then one UV is used.

  2. did you name your materials in a way that every material has a unique name?

  3. what version of C4D are you using and what fbx version and settings is the exporter set to?
    for me and many others fbx 6.1 2010 still works best.

  4. do you get any alerts on import, except the smoothing group message?
    What import settings do you use?

I realize this is an old thread but I was having the same issue and found that UE4 only imports the first word of the material name, which can cause similar names to only import as one slot.

For example, if you have Painted Black and Painted Beige as 2 different materials in Cinema 4D, UE4 only imports the first one as “Painted”. This is with OBJ file format but it may apply to FBX as well. Hope it helps any fellow Googlers.

I also run into problems with material selection export with C4D: My mistake was: all materials have to use as projection UV-MAPPING (not CUBIC for example). Maybe it helps someone.