[Cinema 4D] [.fbx] - Imported models are see through - one way. Help?

So, I’m kind of getting started with Unreal. I’m trying to primarily get my 3D modeling down, so that I can actually create something somewhat visually appealing, and not just a bunch of dev-texture cubes.
I know a lot of people use Maya, or Blender or 3ds Max to create their models, however, the only program I am familiar with is Cinema 4D.

Let’s cut to the problem here.
So, here it is.

When I’m trying to extend my 3d-modeling knowledge, I usually ask my friends for suggestions on what to create. My friend suggested a refridgerator, something I found was a pretty good suggestion.
After having spent about 40 minutes on it, I decided to export it as an FBX, import it to unreal, and see what the model looked like in game.
Problem here, is that the fridge looks great on the outside. It looks just fine. However, when looking inside it, through the open door, the model is completely see-through. The outer casing is only visible from one way. That’s because I took a cube, and exposed the inside of it, I suppose. Now, there’s of course a very simple way of solving this, by placing very thin sheets as an additional wall inside the fridge, but it’s very tedious, and pretty hard to do.

Here’s a few screenshots:
Cinema 4D Window

Unreal Window

If you want the C4D file, here it is:

How can I fix this issue? Thankful for any answers!


you have to give thickness to the mesh or use two sided material

How would I go about giving thickness to the mesh? Using a two-sided material is really tedious, and it’s something I’d like to avoid.

I think this tutorial explains how to add thickness: - YouTube :slight_smile:

This fixed my issue! Thanks a bunch, to the both of you!

You are using to much polygons for unneccessary edge loops, rather spend them on usefull details.

Here’s an improved example:

The fridge body i started from a simple cube with 200x400x200, did an inner extrude on the front, draged the lower border upwards, deleted the face where the door will be.
Next selected all remaining faces, used Extrude with an angle of >90° and checked the caps/cover faces option.

I used the bevel deformer for the rounded corners because it’s more flexible.
Once the propoprtions are final, i turn them to editable polygon objects and do the UV mapping.

The Grates inside are just a simple plane with a grate texture, no need to spend more then two polys on this.
Seperate material allows for simply turning them into a two sided material in UE4.
Ofc. you can also Copy&Paste them once and reverse the face normals of the copy.