CineCameraActor and DoF method

Hello Everybody !
I’m making my first cinematic in sequencer and I have several problems. I will make one thread for each of them but now, it’s the DoF method of the cineCameraActor that interest me :slight_smile:

The cineCameraActor is meant to emulate an IRL camera and it’s wonderful.
By default, it use the circleDoF method and if you keep this method for render the DoF, your camera actor will emulate an IRL camera efficiently.
But when you have a DoF effect that is a bit powerful, the blur effect is quiet ugly. :

And the screenshot doesn’t show the noisy grainish dancing effect that’s in the blur…

By setting the DoF method of the postprocess parameters of the camera, I can use the gaussian blur method for the DoF…

Oddly, when it comes to close-ups, the gaussian blur is way nicer than the circleDoF one…
But I loose the natural camera emulation and have to set the DoF as I would in a post-process. And it forces me to use the gaussian blur method in every shot of my game because the render of the 2 methods are quiet different and the transition between one and the other is very visible.

Is there a way to get a more precise effect with circleDoF method when it comes to close-up ? I try a lot of settings but can’t find one to make this better. I also didn’t manage to get a near blur effect with the bocke method… But I just want to have a nice circleDoF near effect :slight_smile: