Cine camera is blurry

The new cine camera has a “current aperture” to set its blurriness according to distance between camera and object. However the maximum value is 22, which is not enough to eliminate the blurriness completely.

How can I have a crystal clear image with cine camera?

The legacy camera is crystal clear but I need the “sensor width” that is only come with cine camera.

Would someone help?


You should be able to set the Focus Method to None to eliminate the bluriness.


Hope that helps.


I was searching for the answer to this as well and this fixed the problem. The focus on the CineCamera I was using was default set to ‘Manual’, changing to ‘None’ made all the difference. Thank you, Max!

But if you need some more DOF effects, you can also set the “current aperture” to maximum (22) and that will fix your problem too.