Choice between BP types, and basic Blueprints and C++

Hi folks I have some questions about blueprints:
If I want to make a first person survival game, which blueprint should I use? I think its either first person bp or third person bp. I know for the thirst person template, I can adjust the camera to make it look like first person. For a first person survival game however, it’s not much about shooting, that is why I also don’t know should I use a fps blueprint?

Additionally, can the basic blueprints fulfill the needs of scripting codes such as special behavior tree or character AI? I dont know much about coding, so I dont know the difference between a basic blueprint and a C++ bp. If it’s for making games, which one would be better for people who just started learning coding?

If I use a basic blueprint for the game, and later I find that I must use a c++ template to complete something, will I be able to import the c++ blueprint into my basic bp?

Thank you!
When you are saying hand to hand, do you mean use both basic bp and c++ in combination?

You can use C++ and blueprints hand in hand :slight_smile:

I guess you would use the first person one. It doesn’t really matter. they are just basic code to get you started. You can do anything in any of them!. If you want to use code later, you just have to click the button to add them !

yep! I was scared about that too when i first started . Now I use C++ and blueprint together (I don’t script though but you can)

I see. So are you saying that I can use c++ to write codes and import it into my basic template? I thought that basic blueprints dont support c++

You can write code in any CObject class in c++ and just “share” it to blueprint. In next step just use directly C++ class or create BP and reparent to C++ class to add some new functions.

I even made a tutorial about attaching C++ to blueprints :stuck_out_tongue: