Childing devices to props that teleport will cause devices to break

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Unreal Editor for Fortnite

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When attaching some devices to props(such as when you would like to group numerous devices to a common arrangement), and then teleporting the props - many devices will stop working properly. Either by displaying hidden portions of the device or losing the capability to interact, in some cases like with the barrier device, it will become less effective or consistent

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a building prop blueprint, place it in the world
  2. Place several devices in the world (button, conditional button, and barrier are good options)
  3. Attach these devices to the building prop generated
  4. At runtime, teleport the blueprint somewhere (in my particular case, a somewhat significant distance)
  5. Attempt to interface with buttons and observe many “hidden” aspects of the device(s) to be visible
  6. If above steps don’t yield the broken results, attempt to switch teams at runtime, or attempt the above steps with multiple building props with attached devices
    (I would sometimes have one prop work properly, while another did not, it seems somewhat sporadic at times with certain devices)

Expected Result

Devices will move location along with their parent prop, and will remain interactable or keep their current visual states regardless of whether or not the building prop has moved

Observed Result

With the outlined props above, the following is witnessed:

Button Device - will sometimes become visible when invisible, and lose the interact functionality (prompt to interact may show, but will do nothing)

Conditional Button Device - will sometimes have the required items hologram be always visible with default color, on approach the correct color hologram will pop up and overlap the “broken” state hologram. Prompt to interact will show but will not be usable

Barrier device - will lose the hidden aspect of the base puck and will be virtually interactable (will fall through it once on top of it), barrier will lose any material applied and become invisible again, when trying to run through the barrier it will still “block” you, but visually you will keep phasing through it

Mutator zone device - in some instances the “pucK” for the base will show up and be virtually mantleable (but you will fall through it)


PC, Nintendo Switch

The status of FORT-731952 incident has been moved from ‘Needs Triage’ to ‘Needs More Info’.

Also happens with using the animation controller to move props with devices attached.

The switch device becomes unusable for around a minute after moving

@ChefGoldblumPG - is this still happening?

Hey Flak - I’m not certain, i ended up breaking out the devices individually and doing all the teleporting manually in verse. When i find a moment though I will put together a sandbox with a few buttons childed to a blueprint and teleport them around

Thank you so much!