Child Pawn Sometimes Resetting Over-ridden Values From Parent

I have a project with a unit parent class for pawns, and multiple children inheriting (but over-riding) many properties. For the most part this is working as I’d expect. However, sometimes upon closing and reopening the project, some or all of the children will have their saved (over-ridden) properties reverted to those of the parent within the objects. It’s happened multiple times over several months, seemingly quite randomly. Usually it’s fine, but sometimes I disappointed to discover I have to re-customize some or all of the children properties again.

Has anyone ever experienced this or know any possible suspects I can look in to to keep this from happening? It’s quite time consuming and frustrating.

Version 4.13.

Thank you!

It is a known, persistent bug which completely stops some blueprint work flows.
Everyone wants it fixed but I guess no one can reliably reproduce the issue in a small enough project, so epic can’t narrow down the issue.
If it is a small project and you can reproduce the bug, I suggest you post a bug report on answerhub.

The workaround I’ve found is to set all the metrics in the construction script of the class resetting its values (I’m using one giant “SetMetrics” functions in there with all the metrics plugged into it as parameters).

The downside is that you can’t get “native values” out of the class reference.

If you’re not modifying your child blueprints significantly on a regular basis just zip them all up whenever you make major changes, and if they get reset you can simply restore from that.

Doesn’t solve the issue, but it’s saved me a lot of time I’d have otherwise had to spend sitting there redoing all the base values of my child blueprints.

Thank you for the responses, guys! I had considered doing the BP backup method before, and I’ll go ahead and start with that. And I’ll look at trying Yun-Kun’s workaround idea as well. Thanks again guys - here’s hoping they can get this annoying bug fixed!

It’s super annoying, I’ve taken to setting them on Begin Play but Construction is just as good. Can’t tell you how many times guns refuse to fire because they’ve been reset to act like blades.

I can cut right through an enemy with a pistol tho so that’s cool