Child Camera of Empty Actor becomes unparented at autosave


I am using an Empty Actor as a null to adjust an FBX camera’s position in my scene to match it with some greenscreen footage.

The heirarchy is as follows:

Empty Actor


Every time the program auto-saves and at other points, the CineCameraActor1 layer becomes un-parented to the empty actor and I need to re-parent every single time this happens.

There is currently no keyframe data on the Empty Actor and only PSR animation on the CineCameraActor1 from the imported FBX Camera Component. (Done from the Sequencer panel)

I can imagine this is either a bug or I am missing some fundamental understanding of how the Wold Outliner works and that using an Empty Actor as a null to reposition my animated camera is not a viable solution in UE4.


this is exactly what is happening to me and I can’t find a solution to solve it too. any luck?

what if you add an attach track on the camera, and attach it to the empty actor?

Yes, best to use an attach track in sequencer.