Child actors on BP_MotionController is not visible in-game despite proper settings.

I am trying to attach a restart level button to the hand mesh in my BP_MotionController as a child actor - it appears in the editor and works when played but it is not visible in-game even though I set it to Visible and turned off Hidden in Game. This goes for any other Child Actors I attach to the BP_MotionController so it is not a problem with my blueprint. It’s not a problem that’s exclusive to my BP_MotionController either because I opened a new VR Template and added it to the unaltered BP and the same problem arises where it’s not visible.

It is visible when I add the button as a child actor to any other blueprint. Other non-actor components that are child to the hand mesh in the BP_MotionController are visible.

Has anyone else had this problem?