Chevron material repeating

I have generated a chevron material. Is there some way to take this result as a material input or function and then alter the UV’s of this result, so I get two horizontal repeats? (like this terrible image at the bottom).

what i have:

& what i want

If your material function isn’t already doing tiling by itself, multiplying the TexCoord and using Frac or FMod(1) will tile the material function.

Followup: after making the screenshot, i notice you just want to repeat along the U-axis. Break out the TexCoord vector into its components and multiply the U component. Then put the vector back together.

There’s probably a better solution (like a scale UV-Node, but this is the way i know).

Thanks for the answer, in my material I have a 3 text coords to get the stripes with a flipped version and a mask. Messing with the coords here makes the repeating wrong - the stripes don’t line up. I’m looking for a way to take this whole thing and repeat it after the initial text coords

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Back on topic: Since I’m not sure how you handle the coordinates in the material, I cant really help you further. However, it should be quite simple to make this shader repeat properly. Maybe look if you can simplify parts of your shader. Hopefully you find the bug that causes the distortion.

Otherwise, post your shader network in the comments - or better - update your question, so we can have a look at it.

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The answer turned out to be to use RenderTargets then a new texture is created and can be manipulated further.

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