Checking if player is in water volume?

Im trying to check whether or not a player is in a water physics volume so I can apply some screen effects and also allow the player to swim upwards if they press space bar. Im not quite sure how to do this.

Also another issue Im having as that physics objects are not affected by the physics volume at all and fall right through it. Ive set up a physical material and all that, but it doesnt work.

A very simple way of doing this if your character has a CharacterMovementComponent is to check it’s movement mode - if it’s “Swimming”, you can be fairly sure you’re inside a water volume.

Water volumes have no inherent buoyancy programming, so you will have to solve that yourself (or take a look at this: [Community Project] WIP Weather & Water Shader - Game Development - Epic Developer Community Forums)

Check this out, It’ll guide you a lot