"Checking global shaders for platform Windows" stuck forever

When cooking a project it gets stuck on “Checking global shaders for platform Windows”

It’s a clean blank blueprint project with no changes.

Cooking the same kind of project with ue4 took long time the first time because compiling some 2k+ shades. But it showed progress and completed eventually.

I’ve waited 4x as long for this cook and no success.


Turns out 5x wait time was the trick. Some progress indicator here would help. :+1:


Waiting as we speak, fingers crossed.

same as with me, and still waiting how to solve this

anybody can help me?i’ve stucked for 24 hours.

You must have a 32GB pagefile installed for UE5, a user had a similar problem and needed to install a 64GB pagefile and make sure you are using a Solid State/ NVRAM disk to hold your project. I had a dual-core but upgraded to a 6 x dual-core processor, 12 core.

You must use at least VS 2019, VS2017 is now deprecated.

I am using Lenovo Legion i5 8300H with 512GB SSD Name Samsung PM891, where I can find the suitable page file, I don’t know what is pagefile

Hi @blossomx
In another post, I answered a similar pagefile.sys problem
Can’t create C++ project ( or use C++ ) - Unreal Engine 5 Early Access / Feedback for Unreal Engine 5 Early Access - Unreal Engine Forums
This will tell you how to set up a Windows 10 Pagefile.sys

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Hi @Jimbohalo10 thankyou, its works, but how this works, i don’t know,

thankyou brother, you save me alot… greats…

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