Check to see if object is being rendered or not

Hey all,

Unity has a really helpful little function (Renderer.isVisible) that tells you if the rendered object is inside the Camera’s frustrum or not. I’m looking for an equivalent in Unreal, but haven’t seen something anwyhere.

Is there one? And if not, what’re my other options for checking to see if an Actor is being rendered in the frustrum or not?

There is a function called “WasRecentlyRendered” that returns true if it was rendered within a specified time.

One issue with this however is that it will count any shadows an object is rendering also, which can throw out your results somewhat. If it casts no shadows and has no components that may animate into view when object is offscreen, such as an attached particle emitter firing sparks or something, then you should be good with this. Otherwise you will probably want to use good old DotProduct to see if the object is is behind, and if not, whether it is within a specific angle relative to the field of view and object position being above or below the forward vector line.