Check Steam App and DLC ownership

I can see the steam overlay screen and I can get a valid token using OnlineInterface->GetIdentityInterface()->GetAuthToken(0) from steam and I can see my game in my steam library but when I try to use SteamApps()->BIsAppInstalled function it always returns false!
Also, when I use SteamApps()->BGetDLCDataByIndex I can get the list of my DLCs but when I use the DLC id in the SteamApps()->BIsDlcInstalled to check ownership it always returns false! Any idea where is the problem?
Also, I can see my DLCs in the steam app and properties of my game thne DLC tab.

Iā€™m using 4.26

Any idea?

If you are want to check the id of a DLC use the function BIsDlcInstalled, BIsAppInstalled is for the main game id

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