Check Point System

Check Point System - Available here!

Simple Checkpoint System - Passing New Variables Part 1: Saving the variable](Simple Checkpoint System - Passing New Variables - YouTube)
Simple Checkpoint System - Passing New Variables Partt 2: Loading the variable](Simple Checkpoint System - Loading New Variables - YouTube)
Simple Checkpoint System - Loading from UMG Menu](Simple Checkpoint System- Loading from UMG Menu - YouTube)

Coming Soon: Multiplayer Support


Don’t let the price fool you! This project offers a robust and versatile system for you to quickly set up a linear or none-linear checkpoint system within your game.
All that is left is for you to add the visual components to the Actor, and enjoy!

-Linear functionality I.E. Spawn at the furthest check point rather then the last activated.
-None-Linear funtionality I.E. Spawn at the last Activated Check Point.
-2D and 3D supported.
-Add Offset to Original Spawn location.
-Set Player Rotation on spawn (Mostly for 3D Projects)

Work Flow Features:
-Easily Delete Saved Game Slots within the Editor.
-Lock Y Axis for quick placement in 2D games.
-Adjust Scale in editor
-Quickly switch between the 3 collision shapes: Box, Sphere, Capsule.
-Pass on all above settings to subsequent Checkpoint actors to reduce copy-paste time.

I’m loving all the support, keep it up! Between you and me, I’ve been using this system left and right in my projects lately, really quick and easy implementation while playing with my 2D projects! But of course, you can also use it for your 3D Projects :slight_smile:
For 5$, it’s a no brainer, I never would of gone through the trouble of making this had it already been on the Market!

But you know what, I’m feeling really generous with all the votes already in, so if you vote or have voted and send me a PM here, I will give you my JumpMechanic BP from my Character 2D Engine Project for Free.

If my PM box is full just reply to this thread :slight_smile:

Sounds like something I could use, great job, have my vote. :slight_smile:

Thank you, everything is going well, the project should pass the voting process soon if it hasn’t already.


Can I use your Check Point System to complement another save system since my game manages many other important variables as stats, XP, HP, Level, Mana, Inventory items…?

Yes of course! I created a Save Game blueprint to support my system, because otherwise, how would you know it works :smiley: But it mostly serves as a place holder. Simply copy over the variables from the Save Game blueprint that I created over to yours, and load your Save Game Class instead of mine. The core of the Simple Check Point System mechanic happens inside of a function library and it really is built to work as a check point system rather then a “save and load” system. What I mean is that, there really isn’t many variables to copy over from the Save Game Blueprint :wink:

With that said, I still offer some hints inside the actor blueprint and even added a place holder variable for those that would want to build from this Save Game blueprint. :slight_smile:

I hope that this information was helpful, once the product is released, I will make a short tutorial video to illustrate how to transfer over to your own Save Game blueprint instead of using the one provided. Which means that my Check Point System would work perfectly paired with the “Easy Save And Load” product already on the Market. Gotta love super affordable products!


The system has been approved and will eventually appear on the Market.

Thank you all for the support!

Bought, I will to test it now!:slight_smile:

Thank you! Let me know if you are having issues, on my end it is stuck on syncing.

Sorry for the delay in replying.

I was waiting for changes in syncing.

Now everything is fine.

This product is now live on the Market, enjoy!

Tutorial1 Simple Checkpoint System - Passing New Variables

Simple Checkpoint System - Passing New Variables

Multiplayer Support

I am currently working on an update that will allow the checkpoint actor to persist and work for multi-player games. I do not have an ETA but it should not be very long. Though it will have to go through Epic’s QA phase, so maybe 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, I will create a tutorial on how to achieve this once I’ve got the update ready.

The current product price will not be changed. Enjoy!

Video Update:Simple Checkpoint System- Multiplayer Arena Preview - YouTube

Thank you for this Plugin , it’s really useful
Can we use this in UMG , i want when player a cross checkpoint and when he died he going to the main menu.
and when he click resume he will be in last checkpoint ?

Can you give us tutorial how to achieve this with your plugin ?

like this


**Remainder **, and also my character if my character across checkpoint didn’t work , I mean checkpoint actor not work.
The green circle didn’t disappear

I follow your tutorial Simple Check Point System - Activating the Checkpoint
But didn’t work also
And if i open your map level 1 , it’s work , where is problem ?

Ah you always know the best time savers Mortus. I’ll definitely give this a purchase. :slight_smile:

I will look into this today/tonight aka now. I will reply to your pm also :slight_smile:

Thanks! How goes the match-making?

As per requested, a Tutorial on how to load the from a UMG Menu. In this tutorial I show how to load your game from a “Continue” button and also how to reset from a “New Game” Button. Sorry for the slight diversions :stuck_out_tongue:

NOTE: The construction script part of the tutorial isn’t in the version you guys have yet. But it should still work as intended if you add it to the bottom part (Subsequent actors part)

Thanks for Tutorial.

Everything go smoothly , there is one thing, i thought your checkpoint system will save everything like ( pickup items ) i mean if i picked any item
( keys - documents -etc ) and across checkpoint after that restart checkpoint , It will not save what i picked before .

I know you will say ( cause your items not linked to save reference ) Maybe :slight_smile: correct me if i’m wrong , i think it’s easy to do this , but while thinking i afraid if i broke checkpoint System.


Multiplaye Support

Good news everyone, the Multiplayer support update for the Simple Checkpoint System is now live. Check out this short video on how to set it up.

I’ve also added part 2 to the Passing New Variables video on the #1 post under tutorials. In this video we load the variable that we had saved upon game start.


EDIT: 4.8 supported