Check if Actor is touching Object with Specific Material


I have a lava material which I’m planning on putting in my level, instead of recording and applying damage to that actor, is it possible to check if an actor is in contact with the material itself?

Hi ,

You can check what material the object has and see if that matches a specific physical material. To set up physical materials, check the information here: Physical Materials in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Basically you will want to run a physical material check against the overlapped actor, check to see if the physical material == lava. If it does, do damage, if not, do nothing.

Thank you! I’ve created the physical material.

I’m doing this in blueprints, so what node should I use to check this?

Hi ,

Use a “Get Physical Material” node and plug that into a branch to check and see if it is the lava material.