Chasing light streak effect on cable component

Hello everyone,

I have a cable component which represents a power link between two actors. When energy is exchanged between these actors, I want to show a chasing light streak effect on the material, as in this video:

(effect starts at 57 seconds in, the forum does not seem to properly embed with the offset configured)

I am familiar with the GenerateBands node in the material editor, and how to drive the position of the band using Blueprints. However, I have the following additional challenges I’m not sure how to solve:

  • Energy may be exchanged multiple times per second, so I need to be able to support an arbitrary number of chasers on the cable simultaneously at different positions
  • Energy may be exchanged in both directions of the cable, so the chaser must be able to start from either end

I am in doubt whether or not this is achievable in a single (parameterized) material. I am open to all suggestions and solutions.