Chariot - actionGame

私達はwinter crown worksというゲーム開発チームです。





//===========translation(Please pardon unsightly point because the machine translation)===========================//
Nice to meet you. Hello.

We are a game development team that .
Use the unreal, we started the game development.

↓ will be the development announcement videos.

This game, Knight type of robots to battle, will be a 3D action game.

Battlefield survival hard action

We will continue to expand the actions that sense of speed.

↓ screen shot will be on the screen during development.


Because we want to update in the future regularly, thank you.

this looks very cool

I’m very happy to be told that.


I’m sorry because it is not the updates that were against so much, but the video adjustment of, was to adjust the desert of material.

I have written the material of the description of the desert.

Calculation of the base color, has a calculation similar to the sea of material, the base color and Fresnel color of the desert in the process, such as to complement the Fresnel value, you have to create a gradient.
Normal map the movie: a scene that has taken the desert: STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS] in pulling the reference,
Those short-range = detail is not much
Those medium-range = detail is fine
Those long distance = detail brief
Node we are working with to be.

The next is the UP plan to combat scene

We published the second edition of the PV.
This is the battle scene.

I hope you like it.

very interesting!! good luck guys!

Thank you.
Information will continue to update in the future.
nice to meet you.

Artwork of





I’m sorry.
While like to say that UP collective game, it is PV2.1.
It has been adjusted around the jump.
Thank you!

Today was submitted to the [Unreal Dev Grants].
I have come to the anxiety become now.
If you have not been completely evaluated … terrible.

I am a low level as a programmer.
But, the behavior of this camera is I think that became a picture that does not look at the other.

Will this video is worth evaluation ?

I think you sould team up with others, find sound composers, 2d concept artists, programmers, 3d modellerers, etc to make a big and awesome game, then you can move forward to steam, KS, Unreal Grants, etc

Thank you very much for comment.
I think that right now, there are also going well part because it is a team of only two people.
Still, there is no confidence in the management of a large team.
But, I think to try to consider, including KS.

I’d like to thank you

Action has been added.
There are long-distance supervision, it is a version of Yes bidding.

Yet action has additional.

I registered to Steam Green Light.

Everyone thank you.

This is not a big deal update.
Introduction Now that you have created a handy material.

Without using the crop animation, make the flame in a single material.
Resource Breakdown:

  1. flame texture
    Texture of 2.UV offset

Detailed instructions are the videos!

You might think, “Why not a blown the sword?”.

I like [The Five Star Stories].
In Episode of [The Five Star Stories], there is a scene in which the shield comes in blown away.
I was influenced by the scene.

I wrote in C ++, but you can also in the blue print.

Procedure following:

  1. charged the Soket to the point that sticks into the ground of the equipment.
    To enable per only the point when it is skipped.
  2. When the equipment has been skipped
    To ON the physical simulation of equipment.
    Physical energy is also added here.
  3. a frame-by-frame basis, check per one frame destination point.
    Search point to stick on the ground, whether sank to the ground
    If likely still stuck to the ground, and a physical simulation to OFF,
    Sticks set in point.

Because that’s the video suddenly stops Pitatto look unnatural.
So, If you want to improve, that’ll put a little behavior after stuck.
In stuck stage, because there is no physical limitations, it seems to be able even to your discretion.

Sorry my poor English.
Please visit it if you have time.

Adjusted the attack motion.
So as not to interfere with the motion of the movement until now, we only had a blend of attack motion upper body,
Because it’s if not out weight, the blend results of a plurality of adding motion, adding to the blend already moving motion
It was After is, I think it has become a little heavy attack because the waist Mawaseru can be confirmed.
Motion has increased a lot, but I think that good results were obtained. .

Hello everyone.
Winter Clown is a progress of the game [] of Works.

It entered the flow of up to defeat the enemy.
The still action, wire shot, contact the signal flare to the ally, control an additional plan of magic, such as.

Such as a map or an empty and post-process will continue to further then adjusted.
Please say anything if you have any feedback!
Thanking you in advance!

Add a grenade control.
It plans to increase the variety of effects from the grenade.