Characters spawn under the floor

Hey, recently I am having some problems with my project. Whenever I decide to spawn 2 players into my level to check the replication my first character spawns either at the spawn point or at the place where I click, but all others spawn under the floor and don’t react to any of the commands. Can anyone help?

I am running 4.5.1 and i have not changed much recently, only added a few meshes to the level and Built it.


How are setting the transform of the characters when they are spawned? If you are not giving it an initial transform value the characters are likely then spawning at the world origin which may be outside of your level bounds. If you could post the blueprint of how your characters are being spawned it will help to see what is happening exactly.


Thanks for your reply. I am using a slightly modified version of the third person sample level, I have not added anything into it for spawning. How do I set that initial spawn value?

The third person template will spawn one character by default when play in editor is pressed. How are you spawning the second player?

I just set the number of clients to 2 in the network settings.


How was your project modified from the original template? Are you able to reproduce this in a new, unmodified version of the third person template by setting the number of clients to 2?

Alternatively, in the construction script for your player blueprint you can add an “Add Actor Local Offset” node to offset the starting location of the character when it is first spawned into the level.

Hello, It is very strange. I could not reproduce the problem, I even copied all of the files into a new level and that has no problems. Also the things I did had nothing to do with the Character spawning or anything that can be linked to that. Strange. Thanks, the Local Offset Node works.