Characters not registered by NavMesh when streaming a level

Hi all,

I’m having a problem with AI not being registered correctly by the navigation system.

I have:

  • a Persistent Level, without a
    Nav-Mesh nor any geometry;
    basically composed by just UI Widgets
  • a set of Streamed Levels, loaded and
    made visible in c++ according to when
    I need them
  • one of these levels
    contains a NavMesh and a set of
    characters roaming around (let’s call
    it Level S)

If I load the Level S as a standalone and PIE, my characters happily roam around.
However, when Level S is actually loaded in streaming from the level script of the Persistent Level, I get this warning:

LogNavigation: Warning: NavData
specified agent type already has its
navmesh implemented.

As a consequence, my characters do not move, ie. they act as if there was no NavMesh.

If anybody knows how to solve this, I’d be grateful – hours spent trying different options brought nowhere.