Characters do not move when the level changes

I’m a beginner of Unreal Engine and I’m Japanese. I’m sorry, I’m not good at English.
My character does not move when I move from the title level to the game level.
It moves when I play on the game level.
Character movement is written in blueprints on the player controller.
The title map and game map have different player controllers and game modes.
I don’t know what to do.
I look forward to working with you.

Hello yunagi_1416!

Welcome to the Unreal Engine Community! We see that this is your first time posting to our forums! :medal_sports: Your English reads very well!

We are SO excited to have you as an important part of our growing community! I am sorry that you are having issues with your character not moving. One of the greatest things about sharing your question is that there may be other members who have experienced the same thing as you! I found a link here and here for you to check out. I hope this leads you in the right direction! Please let us know if this helps! There are no strangers here! :grinning:

Also, including a screenshot or a video of what is happening may help determine what exactly is going wrong.

Thank you for answering my problem Get_DOVAH_it!

I’m really sorry, but when I opened the project and played it again, the problem was solved. :joy:
Thank you for being so accommodating and teaching me so much.
Until the Japanese version of AnswerHub returns, if the problem occurs again, I will be here to help.

You are most welcome, yunagi_1416!

I am so happy that the problem was solved! :partying_face: Now you can get back to creating and playing! I am also glad that you were able to learn even more! We are always here to help, and we really appreciate you! :star_struck: