Character with no collision, what should i use?


I’m programming a game for the occulus rift DK2 (no i don’t have it yet, but i track the DK1 with a wiiMote :wink: ), the character will be able to move his head a little with the positionnal tracking and don’t want it to collide.

I tried to make a Pawn inspired of

however my UPawnMovementComponent is null_ptr, and I can’t find the way to add one.
.addComponent("UPawnMovementComponent ", …, new UPawnMovementComponent(PCIP)) doesn’t compile

I finally succeded to do what i was trying, using ASpectatorPawn as parent class for my custom pawn. It make my camera float with no collision with the statics meshes, just what i was looking for !
UPawnMovementComponent is abstract and can’t be instanciate directly.

Please post your entire code for trying to use a custom character movement!

I am using one right now just fine :slight_smile:

Make sure you post your custom movement component class as well! (you did make it already right?)