Character VR flying few feet above the floor no matter what

Hi, I m trying for days to have my character in VR for Vive having a correct scale. That’s crazy how a simple thing like that can be a nightmare. I looked into so many posts and so many people have this issue and use “hacks” to correct it. Does Unreal fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnaly found a real solution for that? It’s driving me crazy. My character would always been flying almost a meter on top of my ground. If I put the capsule half height to 0.18 I m having a “decent” result to almost have the real height of the person wearing the Vive. But then my collision are completely screwed. I tried many other things (see fig screenshot 1)

this hack is the best I found but then my motion controllers are flying above my head about a meter. I tried to move the camera according to some post, but that doesn’t change anything.

In my scene I’m always starting from the player start, if I delete it, I start from where my camera is in the editor, no matter if I put my character into the scene. I don’t know if it can be part of the problem?

Thanks in advance for your help. I m getting crazy…

Anyone has a little clue on it? I m still using the system to put down my capsule to 0.18. Pretty bad system for collision :frowning:

Try Moving the camera to floor level and then start the game.

Moving the camera has no impact on it unfortunately

Okay, I am by no means any expert but it looks like there is something going on with your Z vector, maybe with your relative position or that Multiply node. might try changing it to eye level instead of floor level…IDK… I would recommend watching Mitch’s lab on Youtube. You ll get a better idea. specifically the Simple Teleportation technique in VR.
2nd best option would be to look at the VR template bundled in UE4

Also you might wanna try the Input auto possess player in the properties panel of your pawn/camera and set it to player 0

Good Luck.

Ok I found a way to be able to adjust it. I created a scene component which are the parent of the camera of the character and then you can adjust the height manually BUT what is really important is to put as child your Vive controller as well otherwise they will be offset in the scene. Still moving properly but for example 40 cm on top of where they actually are.

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This is essentially a hybrid of the VR template and what you were setting up.

‘VR Origin’ is your scene component that you set to be parent of your camera and VR controller.
Base Eye Height is “Get Base Eye Height” under Camera.
On the Set Tracking Origin change to Eye Level instead of Floor Level.

Disclaimer: I’m new to UE4 and blueprints are still way over my head. I tested this in my project (4.16) and my character has proper eye height playing with and without HMD as well as as proper capsule collision.

I hope this helps you as well!

Event Graph Screenshot:

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You are an absolute Godsend mate! Thank you so much, this was bugging me for hours :smiley: