Character type to character type mounting: Networking


I’m working on developing a system which allows a character type to attach to a socket of another character type. This would allow for mounting an animal, carrying another player, grappling, ect. The problem I’m having with it so far is that, when mounting my stand in wolf model, the characters model gains a random x/y rotation which changes depending on where the actor is clicked (i.e. the rider faces the wrong direction like backwards or off to the side).

Here is a code snippet:

Am I going about this the wrong way? Any pointers would be welcome!

EDIT:: I should mention that i have tried setting the serverCharacterRef actor rotation to be the same as the Target actor rotation both at the end and before the disable movement function. I have also tried setting the serverController rotation to be the same as the targets rotation. Neither have had any impact.

For any one who might come across this strange bug, I fixed it by using a blueprint interface and running the entire procedure on the target to be mounted and this seems to have at least kept the rotation constant.