Character turning in Side Scroller

Hi everyone!
I have a problem. I am making my first Side Scroller. I’ve deleted original 3D character and replaced with my own. The problem is my character model doesn’t turn left when my character goes left.

I want my character to face left when it goes left. The red arrow is a direction.

Here is a GIF with my issue:

As you can see the red arrow is always on the right side

In your project setting u have input keys should have L and R one is -1 the other is 1 and your axis for move right needs plugged in with a world direction. Then your done

I don’t understand what do you mean by writing: plugged in with a world direction :C

My movement look like this in a blueprint

This is Project Settings

Try to use right vector instead of forward vector. Check your character sttings out also by clicking on movement component if u have a forward vector and a right vector then your player will be 4 axis and not side scroller.

Instead of using the “Actor Forward Vector”, try using the Controller’s forward vector:

And make sure that in your character’s default:


Ok! It helped and everything works great! Thank you very much. I’m an total amatur in UE4 :smiley: But do you have any idea how to attach camera to my character so it won’t rotate with whole character?

You should look through all of the component attached to a normal character bp. All those variables can be set. So for a base side scroller templete would be different than other perspectives. you have plane constraints, on your swingarm you have orientaion to movement, and use pawn etc. It’s best to just break things at times to get a good feel for what your trying to go for exactly. You can create a sidecroller template and just look at those settings in that project. The camera should attach to the capsule in side scrolling unless your doing something different.

Like thadkinsjr said, the side scroller template has the movement you want already set.

In any case here are the settings:

Character BP (spring arm + camera components):

Spring arm component settings that prevents its rotation with the character:


Ok it worked again :smiley: But sadly, I have one more question! Is there any possibile way to increase the speed of a turning?

In the CharacterMovement component:


Oh so this is it! I saw this option but didn’t know what is this! Thank you very very much! Your help is just awesome and it allows me to improve myself <3