character t posing and particles not showing when rendering master sequence

Hello everybody,

I’m attempting to build an animatic for a school project.
I’ve built 5 level sequences and have added them to a master sequence. When I attempt to render all the shots together I start to have issues with the 1st level sequence.

The character is stuck in a T pose and none of his animations or movements trigger.

The fire effects (from the starter content) aren’t visible.

It all works when in real-time, I just have problems when attempting to render the sequences in the master sequence. The T pose doesn’t happen when rendering the 1st level sequence independently, but the fire still isn’t visible in either case.

I have none of these issues in any of the other sequences, only the first. I also can’t find any help from the forums on these topics, so if you have any idea why this is happening it would be much obliged.

Thank you!

I have the same issue here. My sequence is very long and when I’m at the frame, where my animals should act or my fire should burn, this is all frozen. When I start rendering from this frame on, not from the beginning, they are acting like they should. But I can’t split the rendering because of the clouds. They would jump from one renderoutput to the next.