Character Stats Kit - Over 40 nodes to power your Skill point, Exp, Reputation and stats!

We’re getting some questions lately so we’re setting up a F.A.Q. for this kit.

If you have questions, read these first:

  1. Where can i change the classes?
    *The classes are stored in /Content/CharacterStatsKit/Blueprints/DataTable, in there open the DefaultsTable and change the rows. *

2.** How do I add classes?**
You can add them by adding a row in the above DataTable, setting the RowName and Class value to the exact same name and by going to Content/CharacterStatsKit/Blueprints/Enums and opening ‘classes’ and by adding the identical name as the RowName.

  1. How do i add types of skills, levels or bars?
    In Content/CharacterStatsKit/Blueprints/Enums you see Bars, Classes, ExpType and Stats,. In there are all the different names/types/classes and stats for you to change and/or add.

4. I Changed defaults values, added a class, etc but it doesn’t reflect in my character.
Delete the save file located in /saved/savegames and delete the save file that holds the info, if the issue still persists contact us.

Hello, i would like to know if this kit can also be use for enemy ai characters because i am planning to have a few different damage interaction (eg between different type of armors and elemental resist) for my game.

Thank you in advance. :smiley:


Sorry for the late answer; This should work on AI, however some adjustments might need to be made to ensure it works without the respective UMG too.

Got this pack from the market place, works great with 1 issue i’m having that I can’t seem to remedy. I can’t seem to get the level bar to populate no mater what I do.

Hey Holotypes,

Thanks for the feedback! This issue might be related to a previous update, we made sure it won’t show up if your class has no “Level” bar type. Can you share your playerclass(ranger, warrior, etc) setup in the datatable so we can look at it and see if the issue is there?

**Changelog V1.4

ETA till live on 2 hours
ETA till live on marketplace: Unknown

Fix: Fixed bug where when consuming bar value it would check previous value in order to determine empty or not.
Add: New node to reset a specific stat back to it’s default
Add: New node to retrieve max bar value

Ya, I figured that’s what it was. Got it all working again, thanks for the quick reply!

Glad you got it fixed! :slight_smile:

Hi can I only use certain things like say Health, XP, Armour, Stealth, Reputation? Just highly interested in this for a stealth game 1-4 Players. This will be a payday 2 type game so if this system will fit perfectly with that type of game I’ll buy it in a heartbeat :slight_smile:


Nope it’s basically limited to your imagination.
You have** Bars**(which is for items like; health, mana, stamina, hunger, thirst), Stats(for items like; Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, etc) and Expierence(for any expierence type you need such as; level, reputation, crafting levels etc)

These however are limited to your imagination and what you can think of to use them for, you can make unlimited amount of different items of each type and what you do with them. Each type has a wide variety of nodes that influence and can change those values in the types.

So short answer; Yes, you sure can! All you got to do is make a class with all the stats, bars and exp you need, then create a UMG for it and use all 40+ nodes to use the system! :slight_smile:

I am having an issue that im sure is project specific. I followed the implementation tutorial and everything seems to be working. The problem is I have a save system setup for my character mesh and weapon load out. Since I added in the stats system it no longer loads my info off my character save game. Im sure it has to do with adding in this save component. Im combining this with Generic Shooter and it wont load my character info. Any help is much appreciated!

Hey, this issue sounds odd. Have you added the save component from the game state?
another possible issue is that the savefiles of GS and CSK are named the same.

I am having this same issue. I converted to source to build a dedicated server, installed substance plugin, made a bunch of new classes for my game, changed the stats around as well. No compile errors, everything works perfect other than I get no stats listed in my stat box. I also get no skills rep stats in the box. I tried pressing K to show/hide to refresh, which works, but still no stats. I also tried to refresh the node in PlayerCharacter and still no stats.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Also note this is a migration into my own personal controller, character. The UI is panda’s again, the UI works, just no information in any of the 3 tabs in the stat box.

EDIT: Also note that the migration was done prior to changing to source for server build. It did work prior to going to source.

Thank you

EDIT: Fixed it, I misread your save game issue on stats. So FORWARNING
“”“4. I Changed defaults values, added a class, etc but it doesn’t reflect in my character.
Delete the save file located in /saved/savegames and delete the save file that holds the info, if the issue still persists contact us.”""""

Fixes your stats in the window if you make any changes.

Thank you!!!

I figured it out. I didn’t have a parent call for Begin Play in my Player Controller. Thanks!

Ah, yeah that’s an important node to call! :slight_smile:

No problem, if you’ve got any issues you’re free to ask!

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Still on sale!

I did, and it is very useful.

It took awhile for me to realize that it was the save file that broke everything when I just started experimenting around with it.
But it is all good now.

Thank you for your hard work.

Changelog V1.5

FIX: Issue where level bar might not have shown up in multiplayer games
UPDATE: 4.13 compatibility (Change one node that’s deprecated)

ETA till live on marketplace: Unknown
ETA till live on Itch: Now